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Conservatory roofing

Tyne Tunnel Trade Frames have launched a new exciting product for 2013. Due to the success and continued growth of the company’s existing products of upvc windows, doors and conservatories we are now incorporating the ‘new conservatory tiled roof’ into our range.

The Tyne Tunnel Warm Roof is designed to replace the existing glass or polycarbonate roof of a conservatory while retaining the original windows, doors, frames and wall, at the same time providing substantial energy cost savings. Not only this but it also enhances the look of your new or existing living space and will convert your conservatory into a usable all year round sun-room.

Using the easy to install Guardian tiled roof system we are able to provide a product which has been thermally, structurally and condensation risk tested. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes and there are many options and designs available to suit every taste. It is a visually spectacular design with sleek trims and cappings.


The cosmetic appearance is indeed one of style and beauty, and the internal plaster finish on the inside of the roof allows for the addition of spotlights. Externally this roof system is aesthetically superior to its conventional rival, insofar as its tiles and cappings are streamlined and unobtrusive. Its lightweight design also provides for more options in relation to door and window selection.

It is indeed becoming more and more popular with home owners and fitters alike.

This system can not only be used as a replacement to your existing conservatory roof, but also provides the perfect finish to your newly built sun lounge and can be designed and fabricated to custom fit your project. The roof itself has a sleek, sharp finish achieved by using a lightweight roof tile that offers a 30year guarantee. It is also the only replacement roof available that has Building Control Certification.


The tiles themselves are extremely durable and the UV resistant coating enable the roof to withstand the harshest environments. International test reports and field results confirm that this product is 100% waterproof, earthquake safe, fire resistant and able to withstand hurricane-force winds of up 120mph.


The unique design also allows you the possibility to include any size roof window, to allow light and ventilation into your new space. The roof windows are extremely stable and are covered with a UV and weather resistant coating, all window elements can also be painted in any RAL colour according to the customers wishes.

The Guardian system we are supplying truly is one of the leading designs in its field and is the only solid replacement conservatory roof solution in the UK giving a guaranteed U-value of 0.16.

It has been constructed from patented innovative profiles and tested to the highest UK standards.

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